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Stacked Tires

Restricted Items


All stumps, posts, poles, pipes, re-bar, lumber, cable, wire and other construction or demolition debris must be cut to a maximum 4' length. Anything larger will not be accepted


We are unable to dispose of the following:

  • Paint thinners, solvent, latex paints or oil based paints

  • Waste oils, fuels, other petroleum products, transmission/brake fluids, grease, antifreeze, batteries, or whole tires

  • Household cleaners, polish, or wax

  • Pesticides, snail bait, rat poison, insecticides, fungicides, or herbicides

  • Contaminated soil

  • Asbestos - containing floor tile, pipe/duct insulation, ceiling tile, flooring material or any other material containing asbestos. Testing of materials for asbestos content must be done prior to disposal. Lab results must be submitted for an evaluation and approval by the Solid Waste Division Office prior to the dumping of materials

  • Medical waste

  • Liquids or sludge of any type in quantities larger than one gallon

  • Propane, oxygen, MAPP gas and acetylene tanks

  • Animals of any kind 

Kamuela Roll Offs adheres to the strict guidelines set by the local, state, and federal laws and regulations

LEARN MORe on hawaii waste guidelines

to help keep big island clean

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